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Welcome Back, Kotter?

Ironically enough, I’m welcoming myself back to the blogosphere just before my highly anticipated college graduation with a return-to-the-homeland, “I hope these hooligans don’t eat me alive” attitude.

All references to the awesomely bad that is 1970s television aside, it’s been a while since I posted last – now it’s time to dust off the old blog and resurrect it from its (now) finite hibernation.

Today is the day that I picked up my cap and gown for graduation. One thing, dear readers, you’ll soon learn about me is my love of the melodramatic. Case in point: I nearly jeopardized my graduation opportunity with my aggressive behavior in the line at the “Grad Center” or the plastic card table set up in the deep reaches of the Cal Poly bookstore — thanks, CP, you’re really making me feel special. Back to the matter at hand: after waiting in “line” at the “Grad Center” for about five minutes while bookstore employees argued with an engineering student over which color tassel was appropriate for his graduation ceremony (which happens to be at 4:00pm on 11 December 2010 for those who are wondering), I found myself rolling my eyes, shifting my weight with an irked hair flip, and letting out a few heavy sighs.

My passive-aggressive demeanor got me nothing but glares from “Grad Center” employees. When the soon-to-be bridge builder finally took himself and his correctly colored tassel on its merry way, I decided to cut the line. I did this for  number of reasons. First, I assumed from the poor posture and utterly hapless expressions on the faces of the two people in front of me that they were simply not enthused about their impending graduation. I, on the other hand, am jumping out of my skin and shouting from the rooftops the location, time, date, and how many days remain until my graduation. I told the city bus driver just yesterday that it was exactly three and a half weeks until the big day. Clearly I was the more deserving future graduate. My logic is perfect, I’m aware.

I’ll spare the details of the conflict that followed, but I will share with you my personal victory. One of my favorite reasons for being an English major is the obscene amount of dense reading that, inevitably, endowed me with a powerful vocabulary; a vocabulary that I put to full use to defend my logic earlier today. The two hapless students, now behind me, and the “Grad Center” employees at first put up a valiant effort against my violation of social norms. However, their sound reasoning was no match for the verbal onslaught I unleashed upon them. Now, I’m no saint, but I also think that most conflicts can be resolved quickly and more efficiently without curse words; in most cases, all it takes are some dictionary bombs and colorful sentence structure.I used some of my favorites like “facetious”, “elitist”, and “predicament” – by no means my best work, but I didn’t sense any dire need for a blitzkrieg.

I left the “Grad Center” a victor. Not only did I save myself about three and a half minutes time, but I am now the proud owner of my very own cap and gown, eight tickets to my commencement ceremony, and a “stole of gratitude” that I purchased out of vanity. And as I skipped to the bus stop reveling in my new purchase, I had to be thankful for a moment for my college education — without that vocabulary, I never would have been able to arrogant my way out of my bad behavior.

Thanks Cal Poly … and congratulations, you’ve created a monter.


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It’s day 3 of finals week here at Cal Poly SLO  and my exams are passing swimmingly  but I’m having trouble sleeping…

Maybe it has something to do with the  looming of an epic winter break in my immediate future?  I’ll be ghost riding the whip all over San Francisco this weekend, taking off to Lake Tahoe on Monday, then back to the motherland ( for some surf and sun with some major chillers.

To make matters worse, I fell in love this week…With my new snowboard pants.

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